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Here at Virginia Hands & Voices, we know that life can be challenging enough without the added stress of a pandemic! That's why we have created this page dedicated to services, resources and support to help you navigate through our "new normal."


This page will be updated regularly, especially as we get closer to the beginning of the new school year. If you know of a resource that you have found valuable in your life, please share it with us at


We hope you are staying safe and healthy!

Resources for Parents and Caregivers:




From the ASDC (American Society for Deaf Children) - How to talk to your kids about COVID-19 in ASL and English:


From the American Academy of Pediatrics - Keeping Children Safe During the Pandemic:



From Hands & Voices - Considerations for Families with DHH Children During COVID-19:

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Language and Literacy Learning Tips for Parents from Hands & Voices:


Hearing First - Did You Know? Video Series:


Read Together Video Series from Hearing First:

Educational Resources


From the Moog Center in St. Louis, MO: 

The Effects of Face Coverings and Remote Microphone Technology on Speech Perception in the Classroom

Many schools are facing critical decisions in the age of COVID-19, including how best to facilitate learning while wearing personal protective equipment, such as face coverings. Children, especially children who are deaf or hard of hearing (dhh), are entitled to quality access to auditory information for speech perception and learning—even when their teachers are wearing face coverings. This white paper addresses the question of how and to what degree face coverings (with and without remote microphone technology) are affecting speech perception in the classroom. It is important for all teachers, especially for those who work with children who are dhh, to consider the listening environment for any particular child in their classroom. It is our hope that this research will contribute to the ongoing considerations for supporting student learning in the time of coronavirus.




The Effects of Face Coverings and Remote
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Appendix_The Effects of Face Coverings a
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COVID/Masks/Health Related Resources


COVID-19 ASL Hotline:


Article about masks, hearing loss and school:


DHH Friendly Masks:


Clear Masks and Face Shields:


From the Moog Center

Face Shield with Apron:

Instructions for Face Shield with Apron:


Friendship Circle of Virginia - Buy one and they will donate one:






Remote Conference Captioning (free for VA residents!):

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Virginia residents can access Remote Conference Captioning free of charge from Hamilton Relay thanks to the Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. All that is needed to receive this service is a computer, tablet or smartphone with access to the Internet. There is no software to download. Click on the link below for more information:

Streamer Automated Captioning:

Streamer is a new approach to captioning, note-taking and translation. Streamer users receive a private and secure website, created specifically for you, your firm, school, agency, or place of worship. Use your Streamer website as often as you like to caption and translate conversations with as many people as you want. User-friendly, accessible, private, and secure, Streamer has features to support all your communication needs in every situation


Using Streamer with Zoom:

Automated Real time Linked directly into Zoom's closed captioning feature. Click on the link below for a tutorial:

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