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Virginia Hands & Voices and the Virginia Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (VA EHDI) program are pleased to announce a collaborated event geared towards families of children who are deaf and hard of hearing.
Check out our Virtual 'Lunch and Learn' 3-Part Series w/ Live Q&A introducing parents of newly diagnosed deaf and hard of hearing children to the professionals who will serve their families.  In this video series, parents of children with hearing loss will interview a geneticist, an audiologist, and an otolaryngologist (ENT). Each virtual screening will feature a pre-recorded video (approximately 20 minutes) directly followed by a live 15-minute Q&A session with the professional featured in the interview. The pre-recorded interviews are captioned and include an ASL interpreter on the screen.  
The video series can be found below:

Meet the Geneticist

Dr. Marta Biderman Waberski, Pediatric Specialists of Virginia

Meet the Audiologist

Dr. Cynthia Clark, University of Virginia 

Meet the ENT

Dr. Kelley Dodson, Virginia Commonwealth University 

A Roundtable Discussion with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults!


Dr. Jill Young, Virginia Hands & Voices board member and Communications Chair, is an audiologist with hearing loss and will be facilitating a panel of deaf and hard of hearing adults who use a variety of ways to communicate.  
We recognize that many parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing may not have the opportunity to hear from adults who are also deaf and hard of hearing.  We welcome you to join us for a candid conversation to learn more about educational and social experiences that helped shape our panelists into the successful adults they are today!  
Panelists include Lauren Good, Emilie Mulholland, Erik Nordolf, Reba Poole and Jill Young, Au.D.  They represent a variety of communication modes such as spoken English, American Sign Language and Cued Speech.  
We hope to create a respectful and supportive space where our panelists will feel at ease sharing their life experiences, and attendees will feel comfortable asking questions they may have been wondering about their own deaf or hard of hearing child.
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Meet the Author of Padapillo by Valerie Abbott, a new Virginia based author


Padapillo is the story of how one family discovers and comes to terms with their youngest child's hearing loss

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Attention Dads and Male caregivers!!


Virtual Panel of Father's of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children


 A Q&A for dads of newly diagnosed children

that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing



This event featured a panel of fathers from across the state sharing thoughts and experiences related to raising children with hearing loss.  
Topics covered by the panel included the early days following diagnosis, decision making, successes/challenges, and ways to get involved.  The panel was hosted by Virginia Hands & Voices parent, Jacob Thornton, father of two deaf children as he welcomed Erik Rodriguez, father to a hard of hearing son, Robin Ramirez, father to a deaf son and Colin Wells, Deaf adult, father and Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
We encourage you to share this with the fathers in your life who may benefit from casually connecting with others who share their same journey!  
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We welcomed Wanda Council, Education Specialist with the

Virginia Department of Education, to discuss the purpose and importance of the

Virginia Communication Plan for a

Student Who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

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The Versatility of Cued Language


Cued Speech is a mode of communication that can provide complete visual access to the spoken language of the home and school. While it can stand alone as a modality, it can also function effectively to enhance other modes of communication, specifically Listening and Spoken Language and American Sign Language.


Cued Speech also has many other uses in targeted areas such as cochlear implant rehabilitation, foreign language acquisition, providing visual support for speech production, and as part of a multi sensory course of action with auditory processing or auditory neuropathy issues. It can be an important asset in acquisition of a solid base in complete language. 

Presented by: Suhad Keblawi, Executive Director of the Testing, Evaluation and Certification Unit (for Cued Language Transliterator national certification); Angela Laptewicz, Nationally Certified Cued Language Transliterator; and Maureen Bellamy, Vice President, Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association. 

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Audiology Workshop

with Audiologist

Dr. Lilach Saperstein


Learn about The FIG (Familiarity, Intent, Goal) Method of advocacy with Dr. Saperstein. This workshop helps parents know when it is the right time to speak up, and what words to use. She will discuss how to advocate effectively in everyday situations with friends, family and acquaintances, as well as more "high stakes"encounters, such as with doctors or at school/service meetings. This can be especially helpful when someone has said something that really hurts, or made you angry or exasperated. This is a powerful tool that you can use at any time!

View the PowerPoint Presentation Here!
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Watch the Zoom Presentation Here:

Educational Advocacy 101 For Families with Tawny Holmes-Hilbok, Assistant Professor at Gallaudet University and Education Policy Counsel Attorney with NAD.

Watch to the Zoom presentation here:

Caption Transcript for the Educational Advocacy 101 for Families
Caption transcript for Educational Advoc
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Here's where you can find additional support:

Virtual Story Time Meet-Up for Elementary Students

Caption transcript for the Story Time Meet-Up
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Click below to view the Zoom Presentation of our Virtual Story Time!



Click below to learn about The Deaf Blind Project!

Virtual Learning Opportunity with The Deaf Blind Project
H&V_ About VDBP and Deaf-Blindness 3.27.
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Watch the presentation here:


School Safety

Virtual Learning Opportunity about School Safety
DHH Emergency Communications revised 3.2
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Unilateral Hearing Loss in Children

Listen to the Recorded Call


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IEP Accommodations

Listen to the Recorded Call

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Tips for Navigating the IEP Process and Understanding Parental Rights

Listen to the Recorded Call

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Fire Safety 2017

Every Second Counts - Original HV Leadership Pres 

Fire Safety 2017

Every Second Counts - Original Presentation for Professionals

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Fire Safety 2018
Every Second Counts - HV Leadership Pres
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