You Are Always Invited

April 5, 2019 5:30pm-7:30pm

Special Nights at The Children's Museum of Richmond (Chesterfield location)

This event is free but we ask that you RSVP so we can let the museum know how many people will be in our group.  Click here to RSVP. 

Events & Activities

While Virginia Hands & Voices hosts some of our own events, we often take advantage of, and meet at, programs offered by other organizations that will benefit our members. We do our best to keep this page up to date, but we encourage you to visit our Facebook page for the most current information. 


Social Opportunities

We seek to connect children with other children and families with other families. Often, through fun, family-centered activities we make strong friendships and realize we are not alone on the journey.


Learning Opportunities

Have you thought, "I'm confused, but I'm too afraid to ask," during an IFSP, IEP or 504 plan meeting. Do you ever wish you could just talk to someone who's a few steps ahead of you on this journey or a professional in the field of childhood hearing loss? Virginia Hands & Voices seeks to provide opportunities to learn and explore with others like you.  


When will Hands & Voices be in your area?

If we have not been in your area and you'd like to help us plan an event, please contact us at The events we plan are often based on finding a volunteer in the area who can help us. We'd love to hear from you!

The Family Retreat Application can be found here: along with details on how to submit your application.  Please note the application deadline is March 1, 2019.

The Volunteer Weekend Retreat Application can be found here: along with details on how to submit your application.  Please note the application deadline is March 1, 2019.

Do You Live in or around Roanoke?

We are hoping to coordinate an event in the beautiful city of Roanoke in 2018...planning is underway. Stay tuned for more information...



More Events are Coming!

More information about upcoming events will be posted soon. Stay tuned!


Have an Idea for an Event?

If you  have an idea for an event, or know of one we might want to promote to our members, please email us at We'd love to hear from you! 

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