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Cued Speech Presentation

Join us for

The Versatility of Cued Language 

presentation on Tuesday, December 1, 2020!

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST


Whether you are interested in learning more about Cued Speech for your child, for your student, or if you have a personal desire to learn about various communication options, this presentation is for you!


Cued Speech is a mode of communication that can provide complete visual access to the spoken language of the home and school. While it can stand alone as a modality, it can also function effectively to enhance other modes of communication, specifically Listening and Spoken Language and American Sign Language.


Cued Speech also has many other uses in targeted areas such as cochlear implant rehabilitation, foreign language acquisition, providing visual support for speech production, and as part of a multi sensory course of action with auditory processing or auditory neuropathy issues. It can be an important asset in acquisition of a solid base in complete language. 

Presented by: Suhad Keblawi, Executive Director of the Testing, Evaluation and Certification Unit (for Cued Language Transliterator national certification); Angela Laptewicz, Nationally Certified Cued Language Transliterator; and Maureen Bellamy, Vice President, Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association.


Please join us for this exciting event!


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We seek to connect children with other children and families with other families. Often, through fun, family-centered activities we make strong friendships and realize we are not alone on the journey.


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Have you thought, "I'm confused, but I'm too afraid to ask," during an IFSP, IEP or 504 plan meeting. Do you ever wish you could just talk to someone who's a few steps ahead of you on this journey or a professional in the field of childhood hearing loss? Virginia Hands & Voices seeks to provide opportunities to learn and explore with others like you.  


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